Spectacular Multi-Colored Plumage Of The Mandarin Duck Is Rocking The Bird-World

The Mandarin duck is without doubt one of the most beautiful and colorful birds in the world. For those who you don’t know, Mandarin duck is originated and native to East Asia but they also can be seen in throughout the whole Palearctic realm which includes Eurasia, north of the foothills of the Himalayas, and North Africa.

The story about their distributions is like this; the Mandarins brought these birds from China in around 20th century. On that journey some of the birds escaped and later established their own colony.

They usually make home of areas like river edges, dense and shrubby areas. When it comes to their breeding season, females also lay their eggs here.

The male duck has this spectacular multi-colored plumage and a unique shape as you can see. Orange face, brown neck, blue forehead, bronze-colored sides with purple chest, and blue back with two Orange ‘sail’ like extension of their wings, with little bit of green color spilled here and there.

Unfortunately, as most females of the animal kingdom, their females don’t inherit these multi-colored body either. They are almost completely gray, with a pretty white strips running from their eyes, white spotted breast and bit of blue on their feathers. Though they don’t look so colorful, they are still beautiful.

Usually Mandarin ducks get plants and seeds as their main diets. But depending on the season they shift to insects, snails or small fishes.

Their population have been reducing due to habitat lost for last few years like lots of other animals. But they are still hanging there without getting added to the list of endangered species.

There is a saying that not all the people can see all colors on a Mandarin Duck. How many colors can you see? Share your thoughts in the comment section. And please make sure to share the colorful article with your friends and family. Spread the joy!

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