The Glistening-Green Tanager Has Feathers So Bright It Seems Like It Could Glow In The Dark

Most birds have soft colors that blend well with their surroundings. And then there is this guy, the glistening-green tanager, who threw the concept of camouflage out of the window. A bird almost entirely covered in neon green feathers so bright it looks like can glow in the dark. There are no filters on these photos to pop up their color. They are just that bright.

Unlike most birds, both males and females of these species are almost same color though sometimes females can be slightly duller in color. And both genders are about 13 cm in length and 20-24 grams weight. There are 240 species in the family of tanagers and all of them are mainly fruit eating, small to medium in size and brightly colored birds.

Glistening-green tanagers are commonly found in Colombia and Ecuador. Their natural habitat is tropical or subtropical moist montane forests. It’s not in their typical nature to wonder in huge flocks, but they can be seen in small family groups. Usually they reside alone or in pairs.

Most of the time tanagers make globe-shaped nests on branches with and entrance on one side. Though tanagers themselves not very good at camouflage, they build their nest well hidden, it’s not easy to find a tanager nest in the wild by an amateur eye.

There has been a research going on about bird population for 50 years since 1970. According to them North America has lost nearly 3 billion birds spanning over 500 species. But it’s not only that. While some bird species are completely or nearly extinct, there are others who gain their population.

“The numbers of ducks and geese are larger than they’ve ever been, and that’s not an accident. The reason is because hunters who primarily want to see healthy waterfowl populations for recreational hunting have raised their voices.” Says Ken Rosenberg, a conservation scientist in Ithaca, New York, at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

Also, there is a little video of glistening-green tanager that you can watch below.

There not so many bright colored animals in the world to us to see. How many of you have seen in real? Do you have a list? Share with us in the comment section. And please make sure to share the colorful article with other colorful people as well. Spread the joy!

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