An Extremely Rare Black Barn Owl With Starry Feather

Barn owls are the most widely spread species of owl in the world. In fact, they are one of the most widespread of all species of birds.

This is Dusk. A black barn owl who in care of Ms. Manarin. Doesn’t matter how widely spread and how common their species are, still, a black barn owl is on in a hundred thousand. We mean literally. This genetic mutation is very rare in only occurs like 1 in 100, 000. 

Talking of genetic mutations, this one is black because of the mutation called “melanism,” an increase of dark pigment in the plumage. In other words, it is the opposite of albinism.

If it was in the wild, Dusk’s fate wouldn’t be much pretty. Usually an owl with his condition is killed by their own mother due to their unique coloration soon after they came out of their egg.

Even if the mother didn’t kill them, or somehow they manage to survive until they became adult, maybe with help of a human like this, once they are in the wild they are hunted and killed by other owls. So no wildlife for Dusk.

Barn owls has an amazing vision in low light conditions. Although their ability to locate a prey only by sound is the best of any animal that has ever been tested. They could catch mice in complete darkness in lab conditions, or hidden by vegetation or snow out in the real world.

They are normally light colored. Just imagine how powerful a black owl with those abilities could be. It would be like getting hit by a Night Fury (in How To Train Your Dragon).

There is video below on Ms. Manarin and Dusk you can see. You don’t always get to have a good look at a rare black barn owl, so share it with your friends and family. They will love it. Spread the joy!

Image credits & further info: pipi_the_barn_owl/instagram | youtube

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