12 Most Terrifying Bridges That Can Turn Your Legs To Jelly

Gephyrophobia, a phobia with a name pretty straight forward. Only if you know Greek of course. The name is derived from the Greek words "gephyra", which means “bridge” and as all phobias were named, with "phobos", meaning “fear.” 

We are going to look into some not-so-common bridges here. You might have encountered those people who travel miles and miles long ways off the main road just to avoid bridges on their way. It is not a common phobia but it’s not very rare either. According to experts, there are people who have gephyrophobia and they don’t recognize a disorder. Instead they continue living their lives normally because they have to.

A phobia is an ‘irrational fear.’ However, when we look at some of these bridges in the video below, if you landed on middle of some of these bridges, the fear won’t look so irrational anymore. There are some ‘devil made’ bridges that looks like they were made only to make people not to cross them.

Before we even start, we had the feeling that this topic is going to be fun. There are few reasons for that. We all know people either who is acrophobic (fear of heights) or people who always looking for adventures. Or maybe both. So, for those you troublemakers who read this, we know you are going to prank those innocent acrophobic and gephyrophobic friends sharing this article.

On the other hand, you can always invite those adventures friends for a trip to visit these places. Maybe start a conversation using this article because everything has to start from somewhere. And you know we always value your comments. Spread the joy!

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