10 Archaeological Mysteries No One Had Ever Been Able To Explain

Technically, archaeology is the study of lives of ancient humans. Archaeologists do it by examining the remains of early settlements. All over the world. They usually explore how people of the past lived, worked, moved across the landscape, traded with others, and what they believed. Those facts they discover help us understand how different groups of people lived, expanded, and, in some cases, we get to know how they even perished. Like in Pompeii tragedy with eruption of Mount Vesuvius.

As a field of study archaeology has branched into many ways. Like bioarchaeology - study of human remains, paleoethnobotany - study of ancient plants, zooarchaeology - study of remains of animals and etc. You will be surprised to know how broadly archeology has spread. There is even a field which study the remains of human activity that lie beneath the surface of water or on coasts and those people who do it called underwater archaeologists.

Archaeological methods are very similar around the world. Usually archaeology is an independent field of study or sometimes part of historical research. In America however, archaeology is a subfield of anthropology, the study of human. Why does Americans always have to do things different?

Either if it is American or the rest of the world, some of those discoveries has caused more questions than they answered. Below video is about those discoveries which left even brightest minds of the world helpless.

Try if you can come up with a theory about these mysteries. Our comment section is always open for you. Please share the interesting information with other interesting people you know. Spread the joy!

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