10 Scientifically Impossible Places On Earth Which Left Science World Dumbstruck

The Earth is our planet. We have been living in here for millions of years. Of course if only you don’t count conspiracy theories. Theories like, we are living in a matrix that someone made, or aliens planted us here and still in contact with us in secret, or even flat earth theory. A theory becomes a conspiracy when major evidence and facts supports against the theory and yet some group or organization try to influence people to believe the theory.

But there are some places on our planet makes us wonder if this is the planet we have been living in for past millions of years. Some places which looks totally alien. Not just out-of-the-word alien but also they don’t seem to follow our laws of physics either.

See the Movile cave for an instant. A cave in Romania that has hidden from surface world for over five million years without even a single light ray hitting into it until few workers found it in 1986. To scientists’ amazement there were more than few life forms inside the cave that adapted to the environment of the cave.

Of course that’s just a one from the long list of weird natural places and phenomenon which left scientist speechless for decades. Most of them haven’t figured out until today. So you science nerds out there, there is still chance to bring your name to the world if you can figure these out.

Which makes us wonder, did we listed The Seven Wonders of the Natural World too soon? Put your thoughts on the comment section below. Please make sure to share these amazing information with other people too. Spread the joy!

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