24 Funny Photos Of Angry Cats That Nobody Wants To Mess With

Cats are adorable and cute animals. Well, they can be adorable and cute unless they are in an angry mood. If you are a cat person, how many times have you gone to work with scratch marks on your skin? Or how many times have your cat lover companion came to work with scratch marks on their skin? Below photos are about the dark side of our ever loving cats. Of course they look so cute even when they look all grumpy.

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#1 This might be the grumpiest of all cats

#2 “The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the paw-er of the Force”

#3 Don’t you dare touch me human!

#4 ROAWR! Sneak attack!

#5 Angry kitty, cute kitty, little ball of fur..

#6 Give me my food humans! My Food!

#7 you are being watched from above. Better be careful

#8 You watch this all day. Who is going to feed me? Feed me human!

#9 Oh! You are in trouble boy!

#10 The magical guardian of the Oracle

#11 You want nails? I’ll give you nails

#12 Oh yeah, that’s right! I eat when I eat. Keep them coming

#13 Hey kids, go and play somewhere else. Don’t break my stuff

#14 Why aren’t you pay attention to me? I need attention

#15 Don’t mess with a roaring cat. It’s not a cat. It’s a lion

#16 ‘The disappointed cat’

#17 No! Not scissors. They are not safe

#18 You go for now doggo. It’s not over yet

#19 What are you looking at? This is my spot

#20 Would you dare approach this angry face?

#21 It’s dark human! Turn off that flashlight

#22 He looks more like an owl, rather than a cat

#23 Do you have a death wish human!?

#24 No! No! Attack! Attack! Take ‘em all down

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