Dog Accompanies Little Boy On His Time-Out Punishment

You know how loyal and lovable dogs can get right? This is one of those moments that man’s best friend has proven that they are indeed the “man’s best friend.” In this case Dash, the English Mastiff took the punishment time-out with little three years old his human friend, Peyton Smith.

Image Source: Jillian Smith

Children tend to fight with their siblings. That perfectly normal behavior and it’s parent’s duty to discipline them. When little Peyton got into fight with his elder sister, their mother, Jillian Smith quickly broke off the fight and offered Peyton two punishment options. He could either go to his room or into time-out. And Peyton chose time-out. We have to say this here, that is really good parenting skills from Jillian. Most parents don’t know these or too impatient to follow these instructions.

Then there is Dash. He decided to give Peyton company on his punishment. Probably this is his way of telling him that “There can be times life could get rough (or ‘ruff’) sometimes, but when things get ugly, I’ll always be by your side my friend.”

Obviously Jillian couldn’t mad at them now. It was too cute and could melt away even toughest heart. Just imagine this happening with your kid, you will understand. Jillian forgot about the punishment and took some photo for herself. Later she shared these on social media and the photo went viral in very short time. With more than 43k sharing.

Image Source: Jillian Smith

It’s a wonder how these dogs can love us humans this much. Hope you enjoy the article. Please share this with your family and friends. They will love to see this adorable duo. Leave a comment for us too. Spread the joy!

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