Three Sand Kittens Born At Idaho Zoo, They Are Absolutely Adorable

Zoo Boise in Idaho, US holds ten percent of all sand cats in America accredited by AZA (the Association of Zoos and Aquariums). As their latest achievement, here we present our subject for today article, adorable sand kitten triplets who were the first sand cat babies born in Boise zoo. The zoo staff even celebrated their birth on April 4th, 2021.

Image Source: Facebook/Zoo Boise

These kittens are weight like 90 grams each. So tiny. Although adult sand cats are not much big either. They weigh like between three to seven and a half pounds. So these kittens are in great health according to zoo. Their official press release stated this.

There is a program called “Species Survival Plan.” Which made to ensure the survival of endangered species. These sand kittens are born as a part of that program. The Plan make sure they carefully breed animals to increase their population. They plan it in way that those animals have a diverse gene pool so they won’t have any genetic disease as they advance their population.

Sand cats are also known as Dune cats. Their natural habitat is desert, like Sahara, the Arabian Peninsula and parts of central Asia. Though they are so cute and adorable, they are widely known as aggressive and opportunistic hunters. Which means they wait for their pray become weak or they make them weak before the swoop in for the hunt. Pretty wild right?

Image Source: Facebook/Zoo Boise

These kittens are not yet on display. They are giving a time off to bond with their parents, Simba and Nala. Remarkable right? We know. Soon they will allow to explore their habitat more as they grow older. Until then, these photos are what we get.

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