Extremely Rare Blonde Baby Seal Spotted In South Georgia Islands

Now this is something that has exceeded the expectation level of meaning of the word “uncommon.” A gorgeous blonde baby seal! Roie Galitz, an Israeli photographer has spotted this baby in South Georgia Islands. Blonde seals are extremely rare; in fact, they are actually less than 1% of the seal population. Which make this golden opportunity a once-in-a-lifetime experience for Roie.

Image Source: Paws Planet

The photographer claims the baby seal was adorable. Well, we sort of can see it for ourselves thanks to him, can’t we? And it had struck very nice poses for the photographer. A very photogenic person indeed. Roie spent more than two straight hours with seals trying to capture the perfect shot. These cute animals love to rub their noses with each other and roll on the grass with their friends. Which includes our blonde here.

Image Source: Paws Planet

There are lots of animals who has genetic mutations, but most of the times those are which results changes in skin color or something like that. Mutations doesn’t necessarily mean them handicapped. Sometimes it’s just either albino or melanin-based. It only makes them stand out from the crowd. They can totally live their lives normally. Sometimes those animals tend to become outcasts in their group but fortunately this blonde is a member of their colony as any of them can be.

Image Source: Paws Planet

Wish you could adopt a one, don’t you now? Yeah, we know the feeling. So share your thoughts with us and sure, share the happy article with other people as well. Because, you know, this baby seal is adorable. Spread the joy!

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