Orphaned Baby Kangaroo Made BFF With His Stuffed Teddy Bear

We have seen toddlers and children developing special bond with their toys. There is always a one special toy in almost every children’s life. Sometime to the point that it become an obsession. But how many animals payed special interest on toys that we know of? Well, meet Doodlebug, the kangaroo who is in love with his stuffed teddy bear.

Doodlebug is just a joey yet. An orphaned joey, who has been taken care of by Gillian Abbott, a professional wildlife caregiver and who owns the WIRES. WIRES is an Australian wildlife rescue organization. Also she is the mother of famous nature conservationist Tim Beshara.

Anyway, how this joey got orphaned or what happened to his mother, we don’t know. Beshara said that WIRES found this one when he was only a few months old. Maybe his mother has passed away or maybe little Doodlebug lipped out of his mother’s pouch. Yes, that happens.

It must be really hard for him to get separated from his mother at very young age since they learn everything about how survive in the wilderness from their mother. But our little Doodlebug is positively holding it together. Mostly, thanks to his new BFF, this stuffed teddy bear.

According to Beshara, the kangaroo even practices his kicks with the stuffed toy. This act is very similar to the way how human toddlers react to their toys. It is a really remarkable interaction we got to see only from this little joey.

For now Doodlebug is undergoing a “soft release.” Which means, he will be released into the wild and he is in really good health. Even though he returns to their natural habitat, he will come back to visit his care takers time to time. You know, because he grew there. But we wish good luck to him find himself a new family in the wild and settle down.

Although we wonder if he ever let go of his teddy bear. What do you think of it? Have you still got your childhood toys? Leave us a comment below. And please remember to share the happy article with your loved ones. Spread the joy!

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