9 Drastic Differences Between Cats and Dogs Which Make Us Think If They’re From Different Planets

There are four types of people in this world. Dog people, cat people, people who love both, and I’ll give you half a second to think about the next type, which is people who hate both cats and dogs. We know none of you are in that category because if you are, you won’t be here reading about differences between cats and dogs. Most likely you love both right?

There is this everlasting question about people’s preference in pets that no one has ever been able to give a clear answer. Which is, why some people choose one kind of an animal as their pet over other animals? Of course we are not going to answer that. There have been some researches on the subject which we don’t know what the purpose was, but you are more than welcome to share your view on that matter. In the comment section of course.

Probably that preference has to do something with our personality types. Same you ever noticed any similarities between cat people, or dog people? Other than their pet preference of course.

There are obvious similarities too. Like, they both are domestic and mammal kind of things. Besides, no matter how arrogant cats behave, they too love their human companion.

We will probably solve the mystery about these two most loved animal companions in due time. Until then we also can enjoy mocking their differences too. You can find a picture collection about the struggle that cat people and dog people go through below in the page. That Illustrated for Bright Side by Oleg Guta and Inna Grevtseva. Enjoy, and share the article so other people can enjoy too. Spread the joy!

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