Woman Went A Tiny Picnic Date With A Mouse She Met

So it happened. Not literally but give or take few details it can definitely be recognized as a picnic, we have no doubt in that. Brighid Rose was paying a visit to her parents’ house when she met this new friend of hers. In truth, it has been making itself at home and Brighid’s parents weren’t so thrilled about it. They wish the mouse gone and was hoping their cat would do the job.

But Brighid wasn’t all on-board with that whole “wish the mouse gone” thing. Instead she decided to take a gentler approach. Well, this should add a new definition to the word ‘gentle.’ She scooped him up and brought him out to the field behind their house. After safely relocating the little mouse, she used a napkin as a picnic blanket, put some food on the napkin and made it a cute little picnic. Yes, like we said in the beginning, it happened.

Brighid said “He even let me sit next to him for over an hour. He looked very happy to me.” Well he certainly does look like that. Afterwards Brighid went even further, since the mouse was new to living outdoors, she gave him some more food so that it will be easier for him to get back on his feet.

“I have always just loved all animals. I felt like I should do this for him. It’s not really his fault that he is a tiny mouse in a big world” said Brighid. She does have a valid point here. It’s not his fault that he is a tiny mouse in a big world. By the way, you can see the video of their little picnic below.

True, some people would find this odd, not us, no way, we have seen and even written about more odd things than this you know, but with this act and mindset, Brighid Rose introduce completely new and higher level of humanity to the mankind. Wish your life fill with forever happiness Brighid.

We know you, our beloved readers are very kind to each other and to animals too. Otherwise you won’t be here right? Please share this article with other people so good people will know they are not alone and continue their contribution to all living things. Spread the joy!

Image/video credit & further info: Brighid Rose | youtube | H/T: thedodo

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