Rescue Polar Bear Ask For Attention Of Arctic Workers Who Rescued Her

Have you ever thought of bears as friend material? Particularly polar bears? Well, if not, it’s time to change your opinion about that. Now, before you run around Arctic, try taming polar bears, we have to warn you, it is very much illegal to do. Even feed those bad boys, or girls. Because once they are domesticated they lose their ability to hunt in the wild and feed themselves. They are really vulnerable in that way. But in this case these people are not in trouble since they saved this cub’s life.

This incident is reported from Bolschevik island, Arctic, in February 2021 where this polar bear cub showed up at a base of workers. According to them the cub lured there probably because of the smell of food that had been hung around the base. They have been known for their ability to smell their pray up to one kilometer distant.

Workers at base quickly realized that this cub must be an orphan, otherwise she won’t come this far alone without her mother. Without her mother to teach her hunting and surviving the wild, or ice, she wouldn’t stand a chance against the ruthless Arctic breeze. Without having much of a choice between let the cub die or feed her, they fed her and took care of her.

In very short few weeks she got so acquainted with miners to the point she practically asks for their attention. Below you can see a video we found in which we can clearly see how playful she gets and how comfortable she is around humans. She even jumps onto one of those guys for a hug. Almost like a huge dog rather than a bear.

Adorable right? Wish if we all could cute polar bears like that. Anyway, you can put your own thoughts comments section below. And share the happy post to see someone else too. Spread the joy!

Image/video credits & further info: |  The Siberian Times/Youtube

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