Adorable Violet Chinchillas Has Perfectly Round Fully Back

Chinchillas, adorable rodents that are originated from Andes mountains in South America which look so much like a mouse-squirrel hybrid. Somewhat familiar to rabbits too. They were nearly driven extinct because of the demand for their luxuriously soft fur. Saddest part is, to make just one coat it requires more than 100 chinchillas dead. They are really dense, their fur. You know humans have only, like one hair per follicle? Well guess what? Chinchillas have between 60 and 90 per follicle. It really helps them survive in colder environment they live in.

As the photo provider for this article, he is Cameron Holmes from UK and this guy lives with these adorable creatures. There is more than one chinchilla with him. What a life! Somehow chinchillas are very sociable animals. They live in colonies in the wild and those colonies have over hundred individuals. In our advance, that makes us humans to make friends with them rather easy. Moreover, they really enjoy having snacks and taking naps. Makes it much easier to befriend them since we have so much in common.

Although, don’t let their chubby look fool you. These animals are really agile. They can jump up to six feet in the air. It’s like more than 30 times of their height. But if you ask us to do a comment on them, we would say, “Just look at those perfectly round butts! So fluffy.”

Some animal protection organizations are against them keeping as pets though, saying that their needs cannot be fully met in captivity. But you can try. What are your thoughts on that? Leave us a comment. And please make sure to show these adorable creatures to other people too. Spread the joy!

Image credits & further info: instagram | facebook | camchinchillas

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