Rufus The Rescued Kangaroo Fight For His Spot On The Couch With Dad (Video)

What would you do if a kangaroo came to your house and suddenly claim your couch as his? Well, this couple in Boston had to experience something similar to that. Kym Haywood runs the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston with her husband Neil. They rescued this joey when he was just eight months old and took under their hood, or in this case into their pouch.

This animal friend, Rufus the kangaroo, when he was young there was a couch he like to lean on. He even had his favorite spot on the couch. The problem is, now even after he is all grown up and released back into the wild he still hasn’t got over his obsession with the couch. Rufus still visits his human family. Every evening he use their back door to get into the house and directly onto his spot of the couch. Placing himself in his most comfortable position.

He likes chilling with his human family and even watching some television with them. Then he falls asleep in his safe spot. Even though Kim and Neil cover him with blanket. We wonder if it is necessary since he has fur all over his body to cover himself. Sometimes he even gets cranky when he doesn’t want humans next to him. Then he gently pushes them off his side.

At first Kim and Neil tried bribing him with grapes to get him off the couch, but Rufus eat the grapes and flops back onto the sofa. They don’t even fight for it anymore. They have accepted the fact that the spot belongs to Rufus. They even inform their visitors to not to sit there because the spot reserved for the kangaroo.

The two humans love Rufus being there with them. Because he was with them since he was just an eight-month-old, he is now part of their family, and the couch is a small price to pay for keeping him with them. They love this adorable kangaroo. After all, who don’t? They now just move further away on the couch as their Rufus grows bigger.

You can see Rufus and his beloved couch in the video below. Hope you enjoy the adorable kangaroo. Make sure to share this cute thing with your loved ones. And the comment section is always open for you. Spread the joy!

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