14 Unusual Animal Friendships That Will Make You Look Twice

Animal kingdom is very dynamic place indeed. Animals always make most loyal friends. If you thought that is only with humans, allow this article to change your opinion on that.

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01. Bella The Labrador And Bubbles The Elephant

This is Bubbles. An African elephant who was rescued from poachers. Her current residence is Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. When she first came here she was just 300 pounds and since then the little Bubbles has ballooned up to 9,000 pounds now. And the other beauty is the Labrador Bella whom Bubbles met after a river was added to her home. These two quickly became friends and been inseparable since then. According to our source they even play fetch together, as in like Bubbles is throwing and Bella is catching, of course.

02. Shrek The Owl And Torque The Dog

So owls, we wouldn’t say they are the easiest to be friends with but sometimes, even the toughest of us need a buddy to spend time with. These two became friends when Torque the dog was just 6 months old and been best budds since then.

03. Sniffer The Wild Fox And Tinni The Dog

Yes, a wild fox and a domestic dog. How wild is that? The coolest thing is Tinni, the dog’s master, Torgeir Berge gave the wild fox a name too, Sniffer. He says these two met outside in the Norway forests near their home. Since he can’t divide them, he does the next best thing. He photographs them.

04. Dennis The Duckling And Fred The Dog

Ducking Dennis was orphaned after a fox ate his mommy. When Jeremy, Fred’s owner found and rescued Dennis, he took him home without thinking of what Fred’s reaction would be. To his great surprise, Fred treated Dennis as his own. Or should we say he took Dennis under his wing?

05. Bonedigger The Lion With Milo, Maggie And Abby Doggos

You thought lions are all vicious predators who eats other animals? Well, they still eat other animals but you should think again about that vicious part after seeing this. This is Bonedigger the Lion who made best friends with three tiny dachshunds named Milo, Maggie and Abby. After Bonedigger was diagnosed with a metabolic disease that partially disabled him, these three have been companying him since then. For like five years now.

06. Bea The Giraffe And Wilma The Ostrich

We get to see these two at Busch Gardens in U.S. Their part of the park is 65-acre in size. Which means they are not forced to befriend each other they simply chose to. People have seen these two share smooches and sunsets. Pretty amazing right?

07. A Bear, A Tiger And A Lion. Wait, What!?

Shere Khan is a tiger, Baloo is a bear, and Leo is a lion, familiar names right? Yes, we know, from The Jungle Book. But this is no fantasy. They are here at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary after being rescued from a drug dealer who abused the terribly. But they are live in peace here now. Guess the struggles they endured together make their bond much stronger.

08. Roscoe The Dog And Suryia The Orangutan

Suryia the orangutan lives in a sanctuary for endangered animals in the U.S. One day, this other friend Roscoe the dog followed Suryia back to her home. Since it was already an animal sanctuary and Roscoe was homeless, sanctuary took this not-no-endangered dog in. These two have been best friends since then.      

09. Mani The Wild Boar Piglet And Candy The Dog

This is Manni, the wild boar piglet who was rescued by the Dahlhaus family. That is where he met he met Candy the Jack Russell. We can say it was love at first squeal!

10. Anjana The Chimpanzee And These Cute Tiger Cubs

These two tiger cubs separated from their mother due to a hurricane and rescued by a U.S. animal reserve. For their fortunate Anjana the Chimpanzee was there to took them in as her own.

11. A Deer And A Wild Rabbit

This is a photograph of Tanja Askani. It rally is an adorable photo even though no one knows the reason behind this friendship.

12. Kate The Dog And Pippin The Deer

Kate befriended Pippin when she was just a baby deer. Even though now she is all grown up and even has a family of her own in the jungle, she hasn’t forgot to visit her old BFF regularly.

13. Mtani The Dog And Kasi The Cheetah

As you can see in these photos these two have been friends since they were little pup and cub. Though now Kasi, the cheetah is busy with his cheetah-lady friends, he come around his buddy Mtani when he got the time.

14. A Cat And A Fox

This duo was found in Turkey and took this photo by a fisherman just on the shore of Lake Van. Well, that is the closest we been to them so introductions or explanations were provided.

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