Turning Ordinary Buildings Into Giant 3D Sculptures With Mind-Bending Optical Illusion Murals

What you are about to witness is some mind bending work of the artist Peeta, also known as Manuel Di Rita. Very experienced graffiti artist who lives in Venice, Italy. He uses his optical illusion arts to turn some ordinary building in the neighborhood into fantasy-fiction level construction. In the end it looks like a giant twisted sculpture rather than the building it used to be. In here on this article we have a closer look of his work on a building in Mannheim, Germany which he painted for the 2019 Stadt.Wand.Kunst mural project.

For this work he have chosen ring shapes, which according to him, can be used for break rigid architectures and sharp edges without adding any visual weight to the structure. He says it makes a balance between voids and solids of the art. “A trompe l'oeil through simple elements”.

Peeta doesn’t just do painting. He looks into the background of his work environment before he starts. About the culture and social status of the place. Because as he says it always involves with his technical studies on perspective, light and the geometrical calculation over any involved surface. You can see how experience he is by the amount of wisdom he is pouring into these words. And how disciplined he is with his work.

To do the calculations mentioned above, he photographs his work site and uses the source material to create sketches. And later for 3D renderings. You can see how well it worked out when you look into those images. Just look how well it blends with the background and even with the sky.

We also have little video of Peeta working on this project and also images of his few other works. Please remember to share this post with other interesting people like you. And comment section is always open for you. Spread the joy!

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