This Isolated Island On Arabian Sea Is "The Most Alien-Looking Place On Earth"

It is about the island Socotra. An isolated island, though this is still territory of Yemen, Socotra placed on 220 miles away from the mainland. The island is certified as a world natural heritage site by UNESCO in 2008, in their 32nd session. Took them long enough. As for the reason why this is a world natural heritage, well, there is quite a few actually. 

First, 30% of the plant life of this island doesn’t grow anywhere else in the planet. Which means if the internet didn’t exist, if you ‘accidentally’ journey to Socotra and see what those plants look like, no one would believe your stories after you return home. How awesome is that?

Second, there are three geographical terrains in Socotra. The Hajhir Mountains, a limestone plateau with caves and coastal plains. All this in the area of 3,769 km². That is lots of diversity in such a small area. Rainfall is pretty limited here. Which explains lot about shapes of those trees like giant succulent and that dragon’s blood tree which has red sap and umbrella-shaped top.

Socotra also has different variety of fauna. Over 90% of the reptiles we see here are specific just to Socotra. Few more native bird species and a bad species can be found here.

Of course you can visit Socotra but keep in mind public transportation is minimal. Instead they offer an eco-friendly cycling alternative and also motorbike tours that let you ride across the island. For those who up for an adventure, here is your chance.

You can find few images of Socotra’s awesomeness below in the page. Please make sure to share this knowledge with your loved ones. And comment section is always open for you. Spread the joy!

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