18 Most Colorful And Creative Staircase Artwork By Artists Around The World

Staircases are don’t usually play a part in street art. Mostly the art is focused on walls. Probably because they are used very often and the possibility of damaging the art quickly. Plus, it takes very good talent to do those separate stares one by one to make the big picture. One little miscalculation is enough for ruin the whole effort. Does that make our artists back down? Of course not. If they can’t do it alone they might as well do it as a team. That is how most these came to exist.

This is our pick of 18 staircases around the world.

01. A Staircase In Lima, Peru, Named ‘Snake Of Light’ By Xomatok

02. A Staircase In South Korean Capital, Seoul

Photo credit: Kevin Lowry

03. In Philadelphia Museum Of Art, Pennsylvania

Photo credit: rleigh

04. Leon Tarasewicz’s Paint-Splattered Steps At Zacheta Gallery In Warszawa, Poland

05. Horst Glasker’s Scala In Wuppertal, Germany

06. Magda Sayeg’s Work Of Yarn-Bombed Stairs

07. Dihzahyners’ Patterned Stairs In Beirut, Lebanon

08. This Amazing Piece Of Art Is In Tehran, Iran

Photo credit: My Persian-Speaking Friends

09. Dihzahyners’s Patterned Stairs In Beirut, Lebanon

10. Piano Steps In Valparaíso, Chile

Photo credit: Jean-Baptiste Yunès

11. Stairs Of Peace In Syria By Jood Voluntary Team

12. Staircase Of Santa Maria Del Monte In Caltagirone, Sicily

Photo credit: Andrea Annaloro

13. ZAG & Sìa’s Anamorphic Stairs In Paris, France

14. Dihzahyners’ Patterned Stairs In Beirut, Lebanon

15. Professor Horst Gläsker’s Holsteiner Treppe In Wuppertal, Germany

Photo credit: Frizztext

16. Mademoiselle Maurice’s Origami Steps In Angers, France

17. JR’s Women Are Heroes In Brazil

18. Musical Theater Staircase In Seoul, South Korea

Photo credit: Kimhwan SEOULIST

Do you think your community can get together to do something like that too? Maybe you can do the staircase of your home. If, only if your mom won’t kick you out for the menace. You know, we don’t like risking the number of our readers. Please share this with your friends and family. Put your thought as a comment below. Spread the joy!

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