Have A Look At The World’s 10 Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

If you are not, like crazy rich or something, don’t even think about these. But if you are on the path to success, one of your goals lays below.

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10. The Royal Suite, UAE 

This is at the Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai. As the name suggest, “The Royal Suite” is the most expensive suite in the hotel, which divided into individual areas for men and women. It on the 25th floor covering 8,400 square feet with a large dining room and a library.

The suite has a special private elevator. Leading to a marble stairway and pillars decorated in 22 karat gold, including three ‘spa-quality bathrooms’ also complete with marble and gold fixtures. And of course, a private movie theatre. Cost: $24,000.00 per night.

09. The Ritz-Carlton Suite, Japan 

This suite at The Ritz-Carlton Japan in Tokyo has rear ‘East meets West’ vibe in it. It is on the 53rd floor covering 3,300 square feet. There are two bedrooms here and both are with marble surfaced bathrooms. Plus, guests have free access to the Club Lounge, which is on the same floor and easy access to one of the best theatre and dining in Tokyo. Cost: $25,000.00 per night.

08. The Royal Suite, France

Of course we can’t talk about expensive lifestyles without mentioning the “City of Lights.” This suite of Hotel Plaza Athenee in Paris is 4,800 square feet, which includes its’ four bedrooms and two bathrooms. One of them has jacuzzi and steam room too. This suite has a full kitchen and an office as well. The interior design is both classical and modern mixture. Cost: $26,000.00 per night.

07. Villa La Cupola Suite, Italy

This is a presidential suite with five floors covering 6,100 square feet. The most expensive place to stay at the Westin Excelsior Rome. There are seven bedrooms, a private wine cellar, a private cupola and a private theatre. This also has a private elevator which opens on a private fitness area. With those so many private stuff this suite costs $30,000.00 per night.

06. Sky Villa Suite, USA

This suite of Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas is on the 30rd floor covering 9,000 square feet of ground. A private glass elevator, a heated pool, private massage room gym and the master bedroom which provides the visitor with a 360-degree panoramic view of the “Sin City” on a two-story terrace kind of make up for the spent money. The terrace can transform into, of course, a nightclub. Complete with a surround sound stereo system. Butlers are also provided. Cost: $35,000.00 per night.

5. The Penthouse Suite, France

This is in the famous city of Cannes, at the Hotel Martinez. The suite covers 3,200 square feet of the 7th floor. Undoubtedly it has large luxurious bedrooms, and bathrooms which done with marble and all. With a private butler and a 2,900 square-foot private terrace that for an amazing view of the Bay of Cannes. Cost: $37,500.00 per night.

04. The Maharaja’s Pavillion, India

This is the most expensive place to stay in all of Asia. A Presidential Suite with the size of 16,000 square feet and a private butler staff. This is located in The Raj Palace where its’ four stories are connected by a special elevator. The 4th floor is a rooftop terrace and a spa. The 3rd is a dining area. A museum with walls decorated in gold leaf in the second. And the first floor is a private bar and lounge. Cost: $45,000.00.

03. Ty Warner Penthouse, USA

This 4,300 square-foot suite on the 52nd floor of the Four Seasons, New York. This is the most expensive suite in the U.S. and it perfectly makes sense. It has 25-foot cathedral ceilings, bronze chandeliers and the suite is decorated in 22 karat gold. The suite has a TVs that can receive any channel in the world, unlimited global calling, a personal trainer, a personal butler and a private chauffeur. Not to mention the view of Central Park. Cost: $50,000.00 per night.

02. The Royal Villa, Greece

This villa is placed in the beachfront Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens. It’s 4,400 square feet in size and with a 7,000 square feet private garden. Further, it has heated floors of course. And marble bathrooms, butler service, a private massage area and a grand piano with a pianist. Plus, there are also two heated private pools–on outside and one inside. Cost: $50,000.00 per night.

01. Royal Penthouse Suite, Switzerland

This is on the 8th floor of the Hotel Wilson in Geneva. This is the most expensive and also the biggest hotel suite anywhere in the world. Let’s list out what we got here in this huge size 18,000 square-foot suite. Multiple master bedrooms, a dining room for 26 people, a boardroom, a media center, a billiards room, and a 1700-square foot terrace with, why not, a telescope. It also has a rare 103-inch Bong and Olufsen flat screen television. And other state-of-the-art appliances, original art, a motion detection system, bulletproof windows, armored doors and even a private security team to protect their guests. Cost: $80,000 per night.

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