Graffiti Artist Uses Flowering Trees as “Natural Hair” To Fulfill Portraits of Women and Girls

Merging paintings and nature to create one-of-a-kind pieces that are only complete when seen together are done by Fábio Gomes Trindade a Brazilian street artist. He creates portraits where only part of the head is visible—such as the face and a bit of the hair—using tree branches that sit above his bright murals. The image has a full attractive coif when coupled with colorful blossoming trees and green leaves. It's a brilliant and beautiful approach to mix aspects from the urban and natural worlds.

Portrait inspired by Egypt Sarai

Egypt Sarai, a young model was the inspiration for two of Trindade's most recent paintings. The artist depicts the little girl in two different ways: one with a pink flower afro and the other with her hair divided into two poofs atop her head. Trindade uses spray paint to capture Sarai's lovely delicate features enhancing her attractiveness with the trees in each painting.

Trindade's art can be seen further down the page and be sure to follow him on Instagram to see what he's up to next.

Fábio Gomes Trindade a Brazilian street artist produces works that are only finished by nature.

Portrait inspired by Egypt Sarai

Fábio Gomes Trindade: Instagram

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