Strange Photo Mash-Ups Brilliantly Combine Animals With Food

Strange photo mash-ups of skillfully merging living creatures with food and other unexpected objects are created by Photo manipulation artist Ronald Ong. Bee's inventory of odd hybrid animals seems like a lovely dream with everything from a zebra mixed with a handful of Oreos (aptly dubbed "ZEBREO") to a fox with a loaf of bread for a body ("LOAFOX"). 

Ong's continuous series displays the brilliant artist's whimsical creativity and sense of texture and color no matter what photo combination he produces. He edits and splices pictures of genuine animals with things that appear to be a part of the creatures' bodies and combines a round-bodied hedgehog and a fluffy dandelion in one piece resulting in a hybrid creature that might easily exist in another universe. Ong replaced a tiger's belly with sliced oranges in another piece giving the impression that the animal's insides are comprised of sweet fruit.

Check out more of Ong's quirky picture edits by scrolling down. His work is now available as printed canvases in his web shop.

Ronald Ong a photo manipulation artist makes bizarre picture mash-ups that effectively combine animals with unexpected objects.

His bizarre animal hybrids appear to be right out of a dream in his portfolio. 

Ronald Ong: Instagram | Twitter | Behance

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