Photographer Shoots The Fairytale-Like Horses Who Roam In Ireland's Epic Landscape

Drew Doggett, is a well-known photographer who travels all over the world to capture extraordinary landscapes, people and cultures. "In the Realm of Legends'' is one of his marvellous collection of pictures of the Icelandic horses who roam freely in this epic landscape. Many people try to capture the striking landscape of Iceland. But, Drew Doggett keeps a long step forward by capturing the territories in a unique style along with these majestic horses. 

Doggett stayed at a farm with hundreds of horses in Iceland. His attention was attracted by these enchanting creatures. His clicks on cam include the famous eight - legged Iceland horse, Sleipnir who is believed to be the spirit animal of mythological god, Odin.

The attractive equine series shows the majestic breed of the wild horse, and the extreme surrounding that they live in. Some semi wild horses are believed by some to be the "real world".

The snow coated environment, roaring waterfalls, black sandy beaches and icy lagoons remind us of a fantasy world.

The majestic and proud horses present their pride and grace to the world while showing their regal resilience to extreme elements. Doggett normally captures the pictures in black and white but he used colours in this epic. "The light created brilliant hues that added a sublime texture to the entire series,” he said. “Coupled with the contrast between the landscape and the horses, I knew this body of work demanded color.” The beautiful brown horses with the pure white snow against the pale glacial blues and the dark shades of the sand and rocks give the series a perfect look.

All these images show the majesty and the power as well as the calm nature of the horses. "The waterfalls are incredibly loud and almost violently beautiful, yet the horses were calm, standing mere feet from the millions of gallons of rushing water,” Doggett reminds. “Other times, we’d be shooting in thigh-deep snow in windy conditions, as the horses stood completely still.”

Visit Doggett's portfolio on his website and Instagram to see more of the series as well as more of his collections. 

"In the Realm of Legends", Drew Doggett's marvellous collection of the striking majestic Icelandic horses.

Reminiscence of a fantasy world, the landscape features, snow-coated expenses, roaring waterfalls, black sandy beaches and icy lagoons. 

The horses exhibit their regal resilience while galloping and grazing around proudly. 

Watch some Doggett's other video footage.

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