Four Bunnies Chose This Golden Retriever As Their Mother, And The Dog Gladly Accepts The Duty

The relationship between animals of different species is something that has always caught our attention. Like human beings, each one has a different personality and we never know what we are going to find, however, when a good relationship is forged, the bond can solidify to the point of becoming unbreakable.

It's wonderful to realize that friendship isn't limited to people. Animals form unique bonds with other species as well and the cutest example we've recently seen is four bunnies and a golden retriever named Bailey.

When four rabbits arrived at Bailey's house after 22 days, they had already decided who would look after them. People all around the internet were moved by their personal bond with the adorable dog.

When the rabbits first saw Bailey, they smelled him out and then rushed up to him, kissing him with their wet noses. Surprisingly, they showed no anxiety, and in fact, they were friendly with a small bird that had landed in their bed.

As you can see in the video, this four-legged companion is taking his new role as their mother extremely seriously. Something we can be certain of is that these tiny babies will grow up to be huge, strong, and full of love.

Photo credits: This is Bailey

Photo credits: This is Bailey

Photo credits: This is Bailey

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