A Young Girl Fights Against A Bear In Needed To Shield Her Dogs (Video)

A young girl in California recently confronted a mother bear, who appeared to be on the point of entering her home to defend her dogs. The incident occurred in the city of Bradbury east of Los Angeles and was caught on CCTV. The video of the child rushing up and gently moving a big bear off the wall has gone viral since then.

To defend her kids, Momma bear attacks the dogs. Soon later, the entire scenario devolves into a mother-daughter brawl. An adolescent girl takes steps to preserve her dogs as well. As a result, she attempts to push the bear away.

The video quickly went viral, with many individuals sharing their thoughts on the entire affair. Some argue that the conflict was not started by the bears. But, on the other hand, the dogs reacted to their instincts so it wasn't anyone's fault. Nonetheless, the child in the video shown great bravery in her actions. She pushed the bear away without even flinching and returned home with her dogs. It was a stroke of luck that no one was injured during this battle.

The footage was captured by their home's security camera. Scroll down to see it, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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