25+ Great Bird Photographs That Are Truly Incredible

We've included the most gorgeous bird images as well as bird photography tips for novices. Bird photography is a popular type of nature and wildlife photography. This should come as no surprise given that birding is one of the most popular pastimes in the world! 

Maybe you're just a bird lover, or maybe you're a seasoned photographer looking to explore the enchantment of birds. Photography, in particular, is a delightful experience in any way. However, the range of bird photography is mind-boggling. They are very difficult to photograph.

The British Trust for Ornithology on the other hand is seizing the opportunity to recognize photographers from all around the world who have perfected the art of capturing the peaceful gentle beauty of birds. To be clear, they are among the best bird photographers in the world and their accomplishments are genuinely astounding. As a result, they have inspired numerous wildlife enthusiasts and photographers throughout the world. Their bird photography is very stunning. They are, as previously stated, incredible. Furthermore, the BTO selects some winning and shortlisted entries to appear in a special large-format photo book.

Scroll down to discover some of the most breathtaking bird photographs you've ever seen. Also, don't be afraid to share this post with the bird enthusiast in your life. However, if you believe we have left out some notable bird photographers, please let us know in the comments. In addition, give the photographer's name and provide a link to their portfolio.

So prepare to be inspired.

#1 Blue Tit on Berries, Helsinki, Finland

#2 The Battle of Jose Garcia, United States

#3 Ben Andrew – Best Portrait – Silver

#4 Myna (Maina)

#5 Full Speed by Kuwaiti Faisal Alnomas

#6 Goosander and Brood from the United Kingdom

#7 Close-up of an Albatross's eye

#8 Vince Burton's Catch of the Day from the United Kingdom

#9 Ahmad Al-essa’s Grey Heron, Kuwait

#10 Barn Owl Hovering, United Kingdom

#11 Hu Yi – Bird Behaviour – Bronze

#12 Pedro Jarque Krebs – Creative Imagery

#13 Arturo De Frias – Best Portrait 

#14 Martin Eschholz – Garden and Urban Birds – Bronze

#15 Georgina Steytler – Birds in Flight – Silver

#16 Ariel Fields – Bronze Award for Young Bird Photographer of the Year

#17 Erik Berk – Bird Behaviour

#18 Thomas Hinsche – Outstanding Portfolio

#19 Twilight in Kuusamo, Finland

#20 The Daily Basket by Lonel Onofras from Romania

#21 Snuggling Cygnet By Ben Andrew

#22 Snowy Owl by Markus Varesvuo, Helsinki, Finland

#23 Pink Flamingo

#24 Torsten Green Petersen's Great Snipe Silhouette

#25 Australian Pelican A Perfect Landing

#26 Some breakfast, Great Egret Cheryl Schneider from the United States

More information:  Bird Photographer of the Year Awards Book: BTO

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