20 Animal Images That Truly Live, Even Though You Don't Assume It

Nature is full of unexpected mysteries. Many of the animals on Earth are familiar to humans, yet some of these creatures appear so bizarre that we doubt they exist. Each has distinct physical qualities that set it apart from the others. Some need to conceal themselves in their environment to avoid predators or seek prey while others have amazing night vision and an acute sense of smell. There are so many animals on the planet that we don't know them all. Let's have a look at some photographs of strange animals.

1. The fierce harpy is common in South America.

Image credits: Bjorn Christian Torrissen / Wikimedia

2. The visored bat is mostly found in South America.

Image credits: jacquesfu/Reddit

3. South American lizard called the mata mata.

Image credits: haydepops /Imgur

4. The dugong can only be found in the Indian Ocean.

Image credits: Julien Willem/wikimedia

5. The Spider-Man lizard from Kenya.

Image credits: Leyo / Wikimedia

6. The Mongolian and Chinese long-eared herboise is a rodent.

Image credits: RalphiesBoogers/Reddit

7. The Hammerhead worm is primarily found across the majority of the United States and Europe.

Image credits: Jukin Media /Youtube

8. The damascene goat.

Image credits: Yellow Duck Official/Youtube

9. Calliostoma annulatum is a type of sea snail found in Alaska and Baja California.

Image credits: Steve Lonhart/Wikimedia

10. Budapest's pigeon.

Image credits: Jennifer Graevell/Flickr

11. Africa is home to the tortoise frog.

Image credits: Stephen Zozaya/Wikimedia

12. Madagascar's snake with a leaf-shaped nose.

Image credits: Alextelford/Wikimedia Commons

13. The common moon butterfly of the southern, United States.

Image credits: ggallice (Geoff Gallice)/Wikimedia Commons

14. Babiroussa is a resident of the Indonesian Islands.

Image credits: Dschwen/Wikipedia

15. Hedgehogs from Mexico.

Image credits: Patrick Gijsbers / Wikimedia Commons

16. With a golden chrysalis, the butterfly is known as "tiger's wins" (Latin America).

Image credits: Dick Culbert/Wikimedia Commons

17. The Budgett's frog, which is native to Bolovia and Paraguay.

Image credits: Eefjuhderooie/Wikimedia Commons

18. Honey ants from Mexico.

Image credits: Greg Hume (Greg5030)/Wikimedia Commons

19. Markia, the hedgehog grasshopper from Central and South America.

Image credits: different/Youtube

20. The amazon flycatcher is a type of bird.

Image credits: Tom Ambrose/Wikimedia Commons

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