20 Incredible Pictures Taken by People Who Only Had One Chance to Take a Pic And They Didn't Waste it

Photography is the art, application, and practice of generating long-lasting images by capturing light, either electronically with an image sensor or chemically using a light-sensitive substance like photographic film. It is used in various sectors of research, industry (e.g., photolithography), and business, in addition to its more immediate applications in art, film and video production, recreational purposes, hobbies, and mass communication.

We might spend hours waiting for the ideal shot of a sunrise or a shooting star. But, now and then, our lives provide us with situations in which we simply need our camera and excellent timing.

The photographers who took these images were able to capture the perfect time to make their masterpiece.

1. Perfect planning.

© FizzyFuzzball1 / reddit

2. Aircraft heading.

© tttks / twitter

3. The moon amid skyscrapers.

© 31_riiiii / twitter

4. Always remember to glance down.

© 723nam / twitter

5. “My phone vibrated right as I shot the picture.”

© posierahraaa / reddit

6. Get some exercise.

© nanase01 / twitter

7. We now know who the first to awaken is.

© Kobogie / reddit

8. A penguin attempting to take flight.

© TrueLordChanka / reddit

9. An unusual image of a bird catching a shark that is devouring a fish.

© wildd666 / reddit

10. Lightning hits at the same time as the camera screen rolls.

© Wildfire2044 / reddit

11. This kitty has the best chance of becoming a celebrity.

© 0814Gull / twitter

12. A bird trimmed his new hair.

© teereximus / reddit

13. When animals fall in love with you:

© marnix14 / reddit

14. "I'm giving this squirrel some bread."

© bbacks26 / reddit

15. “A buddy snapped a shot of me waving my shirt around, and it appears like I tamed a bird to rest on my hand.”

© GallowBoob 1/ reddit

16.  Indecent assault.

© justintolerable / reddit

17. "My mother's new hairdo is distinctive."

© Jbarney15 / reddit

18. "I've got to get going!" Humans require my assistance!”

© Raumschiff / reddit

19. I've got you.

© thumb_tani / twitter

20. Whales surface quite near to a small boat.

© reddit/ BurungHantu

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