Cameraman Captures the Charming Moment a Squirrel Inhales a Flower's, Sweet Smell

A now-viral photo of a ground squirrel completely engrossed at the moment as it sniffs a flower apprehended by Dick van Duijn. By sharing his beautiful wildlife photography, he gives us some insight. Van Duijn was clearly in the right place at the right time, because that wasn't the only adorable squirrel picture he took that day. The sweet scene looks like it came straight out of a film!  Several more of his photographs depict the animals relaxing in the sunshine.

Van Duijn and a photographer buddy flew to Vienna to capture these images, where they saw ground squirrels and flowers right before sunset. The delightful actions along with the beautiful evening light have contributed to the popularity of this composition. "I didn't anticipate the images to become so popular all around the world." He tells the website.

Van Duijn has been photographing professionally for eight years. He's photographed everything from portraits to sports to special occasions with a Nikon camera. After experimenting with various forms of photography, he discovered that his favorite subjects were nature and animals. His foray into the field has paid off, and he's learned a lot about photographing animals. It all comes down to interpreting the animal. “Sometimes you can shoot the creatures up close" he continues. "Like the foxes, I picture near my hometown,” They are accustomed to people and approach you closely.” Other times, you'll have to be more devious. “The images of the birds and red squirrels were taken from hidden hideouts in the woods. The animals that appear in front of those hides are unable to see you and are barely a few meters away.”

Photographer Dick van Duijn caught some of the cutest squirrel photos, which appear to show the small creatures sniffing flowers and frolicking in the woods.

His "sneaky" methodology catches these little critters without their knowledge.

In addition to squirrels, Van Duijn has perfected the technique of shooting various cute creatures in nature.

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