Wood Artist Sculptures Beautiful Forest Creatures Creeping Out Of Trees From Fallen Planks

A woodcarver begins a new carving by choosing a block of wood that is roughly the same size and form as the figure he or she desires to carve, or if the sculpture is to be huge. Many pieces of wood may be bonded together to get the desired size. It's crucial to know what kind of wood you're working with. Hardwoods are harder to work with, but they have a higher gloss and last longer. Softer timbers are simpler to carve, but they are also more susceptible to harm. Carving may be done on any wood yet each has its traits and features. The option chosen will be determined by the carving needs.

Mori Kono, a Japanese woodcarver based in Canada, carves intricately realistic wild animal sculptures. The experienced artist and his colleagues used indigenous materials such as yellow and red cedar, alder, and birch wood (MK carving & sculpting).

Bears, raccoons, bunnies, owls, and chipmunks are among the animals included in the continuing sculpture project. The stunning pieces which are often carved to seem like they're crawling from forest trees or hung from wooden logs, depict the whimsical character of each naughty creature.

Kono works with a variety of power tools but prefers to use a tiny handheld chisel for tiny features like carefully carved hair and feathers or sharp points around the eyes of the creatures. After carving, the artist colors the pieces to bring them to life, allowing the creatures to stand out against their pale-colored wood.

Kono mostly works on commission with each item being custom-made for each purchaser. The goal of the MK carving and sculpting studio is to bring the marvels of nature back into the contemporary world. “If our completed works of art may contribute to society [...] to have a greater sense and appreciation for nature and the wild.” the team declares, “Then that is our most cherished dream!”

Follow Kono on Instagram and Facebook to see more of his sculptures where he publishes images and videos of his works in development.

Mori Kono, a woodcarver, turns ordinary logs into incredibly realistic animal sculptures.

The talented artist exposes his skills and procedures on social media.

MK Carving and Sculpting: Website | Facebook | Instagram

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