A Pic Of A Little Owl Was Caught Hiding From Rainfall Under A Mushroom

Owls are fantastic and magnificent animals, but you won't believe how adorable this little guy is. This adorable owl utilized a mushroom as an umbrella, and it will melt your heart.

Poldi The Small Owl

This adorable boy's name is Poldi, and he is 1.5 years old and one of Tanja Brandt's pets. Poldi was only 5 months old when she acquired him, and he was one of the last of seven owls to hatch, hardly willing to come out. Fortunately, he made it out and graced us with his presence. He was, however, much smaller than his six elder sisters. He has yet to mature into a full-grown owl and is still a tiny small baby.

Tanja's Other Adorable Pets

Tanja not only looks after Poldi but also a few other animals since she adores them. She also has a white-faced owl named Gandalf a Harris Hawk named Phönix, a snow owl named Uschi, and an Ingo the Malinois shepherd. She also enjoys photographing these dogs daily.

“Unlike the rest of my family, I've always liked animals since I was a baby. I used to find every kind of pet and hide it from my parents when I was a kid. I like animals for their beauty, strength, loyalty, courage, and companionship. Many people might benefit from what they have learned.”

Best Friends Forever: Owl and Dog

“I never imagined an owl and a dog could be best friends, but Poldi and Ingo prove me wrong. It's a lovely thing when an unusual relationship comes together. Poldi is extremely susceptible to everything around him due to his small size, and Ingo has willingly accepted the position of Poldi's guardian. They have mutual regard and can read each other.” According to Brandt. “[Poldi the owl] has no idea how to live free.”

Poldi is fortunate to have a real buddy on his side to defend him.

Photography by Tanja Brandt

Tanja Brandt from Germany, who is highly passionate about animals and photography, enjoys capturing her various pets alone or interacting with one another.

“I believe my animals like being photographed. Why? Because I am constantly outside with my camera and my animals. So we can stroll together, have fun, go on excursions, and take short rests... We snap some photographs, and then the animals may play again while we continue on our way. I'm really familiar with my animals and I can tell how they're feeling. When I go out with only one of my animals the other becomes agitated and wants to join us. We have a great time together.”

If you want to view more incredible pictures like this, you should visit Tanja's website. Your heart will be overflowing with pleasure and love.

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