Dreamy Pics Shoot The Fairytale Love Between Pastel Parrotlet Birds

Parrotlets are the smallest New World parrot species, divided into three genera: Forpus, Nannopsittaca, and Touit. They are native to Middle and South America and have stocky bodies and short tails. Parrotlets roam in flocks ranging in size from four to over a hundred birds in the wild. The majority of species migrate in groups of five to forty. They develop life-long, close pair connections with their selected partners.

Fine art photography enhances the wonderful beauty of birds. The amazing intricacies of their colorful plumage are highlighted by high-tech lenses and macro methods.

Photographer Rupa Sutton has shot a beautiful sequence of parrotlet birds in pastel pinks, blues, and yellows, with every blade visible. Many of the critters look "in love" and softly nuzzle one another against soft serene backdrops, making the final photos feel like a scene from a charming storybook romance.

Sutton's work is around the creation of a story. “For me, photography is about capturing or creating a moment that tells a narrative or expresses an emotion,” she explained. “I want to show them a world that exists all around us but that we don't often notice.” We might miss these kinds of loving frank exchanges as we go about our busy lives but thanks to Sutton, we get to savor a little of what makes the world so great.

Sutton sells her bird photos on Etsy shop as high-quality archival prints.

Rupa Sutton's photographs of birds are drenched in beautiful pastels.

The beautiful candid pictures highlight their magnificent plumage as well as their love connection.

Rupa Sutton: Facebook | Instagram | Etsy

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