Amazingly Unique Albino Turtles Seems Like Fiery Tiny Animals

What hue comes to mind when I utter the term "albino"? You're probably thinking about white. Especially since the word albus means "white" in Latin. Albino turtles, on the other hand, aren't necessarily white; they may even be red! As a result, they resemble miniature fire-breathing dragons or fantastical creatures from another dimension. Our earth is far from boring; all we have to do is be patient and seek great things like these beautiful creatures.

Albino creatures are interesting. You have albino hedgehogs (also known as spiky floors or ouch mice) that appear to be from another planet. Then there are the albino zebras and albino lions who appear to be the most stylish creatures in the savanna, if not the world. Finally, there are albino turtles which are so amazing you have to see them believe them.

They are a sight to behold, with their crimson eyes and orange-tinged skin and shell. For Super Mario Brothers aficionados, these resemble Koopa Paratroopas and are completely charming. Unfortunately, their unusual look like that of other albino animals makes them extremely susceptible. Albino turtles are significantly more vulnerable to predators because they lack the concealment that their usual color provides. This reduces their lifetime and, as a result, adds to the rarity of their species. Despite this genetic disadvantage turtles are fortunate among albino animals. They generally live longer than other albino species due to the protection provided by their hard shell, however, their life is still less than that of a normal turtle.

Albinism in turtles is frequently distinct from that in humans or even birds. Reptiles often retain one pigment which is why they appear red or yellow rather than white. They should be called melanistic instead because melanin is the pigment that they lack. The lack of pigment affects many regions of the body, including the irises of the eyes just as it does with albinism. This isn't to imply that no turtles are white due to albinism; it's just that it's more common. Sulcata turtles are the most likely of all turtle species to be albino, however, they will never be white.

Albino turtles are so uncommon and gorgeous that they make quite a buzz on the internet. An albino pink belly side neck turtle was born with her heart beating outside of her body some years ago. Hope, as she was appropriately christened, became an internet celebrity and continues to flourish owing to the care of her owner, who publishes updates on her development on Instagram.

Albino turtles are uncommon, yet their shell allows them to live longer than other albino creatures.

Photo: Stock Photos from Gerry Bishop/Shutterstock

Albino turtles, unlike other albino animals, tend to be more yellow or orange.

Hope, an albino turtle made quite a stir when she was born owing to her heart pumping outside of her shell.

She is still alive today owing to the careful care of her owner.

Meanwhile, this albino turtle has a beautiful color combination that resembles tie-dye or a pizza.

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