Thor Is The Most Majestic Bengal Cat In The World For Sure

Have you ever met feline lovers in your life? Are you that kind of a person? However, so many people around the world love felines.

Though loving dangerous felines like tigers are quite peculiar, it is an interesting job for some.

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As per Britannica, tigers are one of the “9 of the world’s scariest mammals in the world”.

Although they are a kind of the deadliest animals, we can never ignore their beauty.

Source: Pexels

That is the reason for many people to still love them without limits.

If you too are one of them, then this feline might be your fav one soon.

Thor the mighty cat is a certified social media star with over 40,000 Facebook followers. Other than that, he is a wild Instagram celebrity with more than 222,000 followers.

Thor bewitched people with his greenish eyes that make him look so nice all day. His existence always makes his owners happy and proud.

His coat is another striking attribute.

And it is the first thing that you notice whenever you see him. The combination of orange stripes, black stripes, and green eyes is amazing! How beautiful Thor is!

His external appearance is the main thing that catches the eyes as well as the hearts of his fans.

In addition to his external features, he is energetic and playful in all his videos. Perhaps, hyper-active! Rubbing the belly is one of his favorites.

Who would ignore giving a belly rub for this cutie? If they choose a volunteer, I would be the first for sure!

He is adorable even during sleep.

Are you a Bengali cat addict?

When considered the size, there are large as well as medium-sized ones. You too will love them due to their intelligence, energy, confidence, and attention. This is according to ASPCA. No doubt why Thor loves to play most of the time.

How would you feel playing with a Bengal cat all day? Won't it be a lot of fun? We will have to admit that we envy Thor's fortunate owner.

Thor is one of the greatest cat models.

Look how he made the pancakes yummier!

Even he looks great in his “first modeling shoot”.

A lot of people didn't miss expressing their love for Thor.

He received a lot of heartwarming messages during his 7th birthday.

“Happy birthday beautiful boy. You are the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen,” one of the commenters wrote.

Most of the cat lovers united to celebrate the birthday of the boy Thor. Some of them attached their pet pictures too.

For me, this is the cutest pic out of all!

It's nice to hear and see Thor receiving lots of love from his followers. All those show genuine love.

And he deserves it too!

If you like to get updates on Thor, you can follow his Facebook and Instagram pages.

Dear Bengal cat addicts, here's another interesting Instagram account for you to follow; bengals_cat_club. Visit the account and enjoy loads of cat photos.

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