15 Animals So Ridiculous That They Look Like They Are Out Of A Sci-fi Movie

If we are asked to list out the most unthinkable animals in the world, I don't think that even thousands of articles would be enough for the process. The kingdom of animals is complex. Some of the animals seem as if they are from a sci-fi film. Therefore, we thought of introducing some of the extraordinary animals that live with us on our Earth. 

#1. This is the strange frogfish that can change its color to suit the surrounding.

Image credit: Nick Hobgood/Wikimedia

#2. The narwhal ‘horn’ is not at all another art of Mother Nature, it is a tusk used for attraction by males.

Image credit: oneanimalperweek/Instagram

#3. This creature who stares at you is the fierce harpy which is so big when seen from a distance!

Image credit: Jonathan Wilkins/Wikimedia

#4. These skate cubs look like dumplings as well as yummy cream cookies!

Image credit: GallowBoob/Reddit

#5. These two from the Sunshine Coast Aquarium in Australia are some other examples of extremely cute cubs.

Image credit: babydoll_bd/Reddit

#6. Only a hundred handfish are found by now in the world. They are called so, due to their ventral and pectoral fins which they use to move around.

Image credit: CSIRO/Wikimedia

#7. This strange Bobbit worm reaches about 3 meters under the ground to swallow its prey.

Image credit: Jenny/Wikimedia

#8. Look carefully, this African Jacana does not have multiple legs with it. But, it has its young one that hid inside its mother's feathers for safety.

Image credit: Science Times

#9. The Knabstrup looks like a Dalmation dog due to the unique mottled coat it.

Image credit: Wallpaper Flare

#10. One of the most peculiar albino lionesses in South Africa; Tula.

Image credit: ggconservation/Instagram

#11. The most elusive bird with the most effective camouflage; the Australian Podarge.

Image credit: David Lochlin / Flickr

#12. This lizard called the flying dragon uses its wings to escape the predators larger than its size.

Image credit: Biophilia curious / Wikimedia_Foundation

#13. The coconut crab is truly a strange crustacean. This creature is a “sworn enemy” of the insects that nest in trees!

Image credit: Ron Van Oers / Wikimedia

#14. The golden Cetonia or “chafer of the roses” seems to have metallic armor to get protected from danger.

Image credit: TobiKafer / Wikimedia

#15. This picture features one of the rarest beetles in the amazon; the Phyllotopsis Cingulata.

Image credit: Charles J. Sharp/Wikimedia

Although they look unreal and strange to see, they do exist and they are the examples of the limitless imagination of Mother Nature! 

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