Here’s How People From The Past Predicted The Future (20 Pics)

Let us throwback our memories of what we have experienced in the past. The challenges that we have accepted and the changes that we have gone through. None of us aren't interested in getting to know about our future scenes. All of us have the curiosity to see what the future holds. Though it's quite impossible, people have never given up their attempt to find it. Many of them have tried in the past and some of them have come up with pretty awesome results too.

#1 This is how an artist has creatively depicted the future in 1930.

Image source: kt0me

#2 People in the 1940s expected food delivery in the future.

Image source: abdouhlili

#3 Automated self-driving cars drawn in the 1960s.

Image source: abt137

#4 The balloon supported lake-walking.

Image source: The_qp_god

#5 The evolution of phones, 1956.

Image source: Known_Marzipan_2629

#6 A navigation system was created into a painting in the 1950s. How imaginative this person is!

Image source: GiantNormalDwarf

#7 1970s Futuristic concept applied for the Jetliner air travel.

Image source: bignjbagel

#8 Life in 2022!

Image source: NathanHacham

#9 Television Newspaper! Can this happen? Haven't you ever received the headline page of the newspaper as shown in the picture?

Image source: dabderax

#10 This is a "Text" that was received by James Bond In The Spy Who Loved Me.

Image source: malakeos

#11 ‘Ship’s Cat’ by Keith Spangle.

Image source: jaykirsch

#12 1981 The futuristic concept of Suburbia after there's no more room left for suburbs.

Image source: c3534l

#13 This is how NASA imagined life in Space.

Image source: Rick Guidice

#14 Artoo Deco.

Image source: firstorbit

#15 1969 Japanese futuristic concept of smart classrooms. The odd part is the location of small robots to rap the students on their heads when they misbehave.

Image source: abt137

#16 Future fashions predicted in the 1950s. This is the cover of Life Magazine in 1914.

Image source: fiizok

#17 Family trips in the future. (Bruce Mccall)

Image source: earthmoonsun

#18 VR box in 1989.

Image source: ashe101ashe

#19 Shopping from home painted in the 1940s.

Image source: earthmoonsun

#20 Soviet future concept in the 1930s.

Image source: TarOfficial

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