The Blue Jay. The Bird With Bright Blue Plumage That Can Mimic Human And Animal Sounds

The Blue Jay is a typical bird with a North American origin. It is widespread but unique for its bright colors and appearance. Their appearance makes it easier to recognize them. Their legs and throats are bluish while their forehead, nape, wings, and the upper surface area of a very bright light blue-bluish color. Their colors are a fascinating explosion and they remind us of the sea and the sky.


Image credit: Wikimedia

By now, four subspecies of Blue Jays have been found. The variation of the species depends on the size and the sheen of the bird. The Jays have a big interest in shining objects since they come from the Corvidae family. Thus, they always try to carry the shining objects in their beaks.


Image credit: Wikimedia

Even though they seem to be elegant at the first sight, they are quite aggressive in real life. They become worse when a bird of another species approaches their nests. Their diet includes eggs, insects, lizards, grains, seeds, berries, and of course mice.

The most unique feature is their sound imitating ability. They have a wonderful talent to be very loud.


Image credit: Wikimedia

Their communication is done via specific calls with each other while mimicking the sounds of humans as well as other raptors.


Image credit: Wikimedia

The Blue Jay is an amazing bird to discover. The Blue Jay species is widespread in several parts of the world. Their plumage is incomparable and the bright colors in it reminisce the blue sky.

Source of the information: AllAboutBirds

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