This Sweet Dog Is Dominating Over The Whole Internet, With His Human-Like Smile

Here’s an interesting story about a dog that makes your day happy and full of hope with its human-like charming smile.

This is Nori, the cutest dog pet ever! He loves to associate with human friends and his human friends love him so much. Nori is a bit more unique than the other dogs. He has a super cute smile like a human. His smile will catch one’s eyes as well as the heart in an instant.


This adorable doggo, Nori is an Aussiepoo mix. He has become one of the main internet sensations for the sake of his cute smile and eyes full of expressions. His owners, 33-year-old Kevin Hurless, and 34-year-old Tiffany Ngo live with Nori in Seattle. According to his owners, people have always been surprised by Nori’s uncommon dog smile. They have gotten used to people’s reactions whenever they notice Nori’s facial features. Overwhelming attention towards their pet has been created with the viral spread of the dog’s cute photos some time ago. Here are some such extremely unique smiling photographs of Nori. Enjoy and join the conversation!

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