Encounter The Purple-Crowned Fairywren, The Bird With A Beautiful Purple Crown

Flying friends are another group of species who always astonish us with their multi-colored, unique feathers. One such striking bird beauty is the purple crowned fairywren. It is a quite distinctive bird due to the purple-colored feather crown present in the center of its head.

The purple-colored crown can only be seen in males. Anyhow, both the genders have a blue tail that contrasts the brown plumage.

They are native animals to the Northern part of Australia. They normally live in the riparian habitat which has a large density of vegetation. They aren't social animals since they do not live in urbanized habitats. Unfortunately, a reduction of the bird community has been witnessed due to fires, invasive species, and livestock grazing.

Their meals depend on seeds and the invertebrates they find.

You will seldom witness their social traits. They do not often hang out with the partners. But, the females will mate with other individuals despite choosing a male partner for the mating season. The usual amount of eggs they lay is around 2-3. An incubation period also can be seen.

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