30 Cute Beaver Babies To Celebrate International Beaver Day

Do you know what's special about April 7th? It is the International Beaver Day. These small creatures are important to maintain local ecosystems even though they aren't yet endangered. Sometimes, people identify the beavers as natural engineers too. However, you can gain a lot of benefits if you have a beaver by your side. For example, their ponds ``increase stream flows in seasonally dry streams by storing run-off in the rainy season," the cute beaver workers help waterfowl "by creating increased areas of water." Besides, beavers help restore streams too. Believe me, the US government put 600 beavers for work to stop soil erosion by streams in Oregon. It was quite effective project and each beaver completed work worth $300!

"beaver dams restore wetlands, those 'rainforests of the North,' rated as the land's best life support system," explained BWW. "Learning to coexist with beaver wetlands ensures that we continue to enjoy essential natural services, such as water cleansing. Nature's engineers can help combat climate change too. That's because beaver dams and wetlands hold water on the land, which decreases damage from both droughts and major floods--extreme weather events that are increasing with climate change. Plus, the lush plant life of marshy beaver wetlands absorbs much carbon dioxide, and draining these sites results in the release of carbon dioxide, the major greenhouse gas".

Since they play a vital role in the protection and the beauty of the natural elements, we thought of presenting you with an adorable collection of images of baby beavers around us. Check which one suits you! Start voting and commenting soon!

Further info: beaversww.org | Wikipedia

#1 This orphan baby beaver was rescued when his mother abandoned him.

#2 Beaver baby.

#3 Adorable baby beaver.

#4 Chilling trio.

#5 Here are 3 cute baby beavers.

#6 A baby beaver with a smile.

#7 Beaver kid.

#8 This happened today!

#9 Baby beaver!

#10 Have you ever seen a baby beaver bathe?

#11 This baby beaver is just three-months-old.

#12 Here's how a baby beaver looks like.

#13 Baby beaver friends.

#14 Baby beaver looking Snuggle-Able.

#15 This baby beaver was rescued by my dearest uncle!

#16 Encounter baby buttons.

#17 Cutest baby beaver.

#18 Meet Justin the baby beaver.

#19 A newborn infant!

#20 Mommy and the babies.

#21 Baby beaver.

#22 Baby beaver enjoys the plush bunny!

#23 Adorable baby beaver.

#24 Another smiling baby beaver.

#25 Once again, the baby is dancing!

#26 Meet Timber.

#27 Did you ever think the aloha safari couldn't get any cuter?

#28 Snuggles!!

#29 Eating one of my favorite woods!

#30 Baby beaver!

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