Meet The Most Adorable Animal That You Have Never Heard Of

Have you ever heard of an animal called the aardwolf? If no, then get ready to meet this cute creature today through this article!

The aardwolves too come from the same family as hyenas. They are quite similar in their appearance too. But, unlike the bone-chomping hyenas, these animals prefer feeding on termites much like an aardvark (the word “aard” has a Dutch origin and it means earth).

These animals are native creatures to the Southern and Eastern African regions. Usually, they live in burrows under the ground. These holes are not often dug by themselves and sometimes, they prefer living in abandoned burrows of other animals too. The aardwolves are identified as shy and nocturnal animals. However, they feed in the daytime and sleep at night to save their energy during the winter season. They are well adapted to feed on termites. One such adaptation is their sticky tongue which helps them to lap up thousands of termites. Believe me, one aardwolf can eat about 300,000 termites per one night! The size of an adult aardwolf is the same as the size of a mature fox. Apart, the aardwolves are monogamous creatures that stay with the same mate during the whole lifetime. Oh, in addition to all these facts, I forgot to mention the most important thing! That is, these animals are super cute! Why do you still waste time on reading these things? Scroll down and check out these strange creatures for yourself.

A small young aardwolf.

Image credits: arkive

Not only the babies but also the adults are super cute! 

Image credits: Unknown

These creatures have mohawks even though they come from a family of hyenas.

Image credits: Unknown

They prefer munching termites.

Image credits: Hennie van Heerden

They are most commonly seen in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Image credits: Unknown

They are family-oriented, shy animals.

Image credits: Ohange Namibia Lodge

They don't dig the holes often. But, inhabit the abandoned burrows of animals.

Image credits: Daryl Balfour

One of the best adaptations to feed on termites is the long sticky tongue.

Image credits: Nigel J Dennis

A single aardwolf can feed up to 300,000 termites per one night!

Image credits: Cincinnati zoo

The size of an adult aardwolf is similar to the size of an adult fox.

Image credits: Animals-Safaris

They spend their whole life with one mate.

Image credits: Gerard Lacz

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