26 Pictures That Show What Is Really Meant By 'Extreme Cold'

Most of you might select one type when it comes to the discussions on cold or warm weather. Some of you might like cold weather while some might like warm weather and vice versa.

Choosing the type of weather that you prefer might be easy until you haven't met the extremes of both. You might love sunbathing or playing with snow.

Here's something that will change your mind probably after viewing. Comment your idea of what you'd choose when you see this gallery; Is it warm or cold weather?

1. “This glass has frozen overnight inside my car.”

2. I had to take away my frozen car and this is what was left. 

3. An attractive floral design in a frozen lake.

4. Believe it or not, this is a frozen egg. 

5. Though it seems to be fake, this is real frozen water in a forest. 

6. The water droplets from a sprinkler have frozen on the lawn.

7. A haunting frozen stalactite.

8. Freezing temperature plus winds. 

9. Is there anyone interested to sit on this bench for some time?

10. What do you say, is this a snowflake or the broken glass? It's a frozen cobweb! Hahaha!

11. Here's a great opportunity for you to have a frozen look with no makeup.

12. Both the images show the Michigan Lighthouse. But, the lighthouse is frozen in the second one.

13. The lake received a ghostly look after freezing.

14. A frozen geyser.

15. Now the question arises? Do you still love the cold?

16. The residents have to defrost their tank whenever they use the bathroom.

17. How lucky is this person to see how ice grows with time.

18. There aren't any ghosts holding the hose. It is from the gas station that has frozen at -58ÂșC.

19. Animals need to wear sweaters to get rid of freezing temperatures in Russia.

20. This is a frozen lake.

21. Compare the original size of the balloons before they deflated.

22. This is a Canadian location. The heavy cold has frozen the entire waterfall.

23. This isn't man-made. This is natural.

24. This is a Jaguar car that was frozen due to extreme temperatures. 

25. Let's start eating! 

26. Siberia -69 and 73 degrees!

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