Blue Whale Comes Out Of Water While Blowing A HEART With A Rainbow Hue

These amazing pictures show the moment in which a blue whale blows a heart with a rainbow shade once it comes up from water to air. Tanakit Suwanyangyaun was fortunate enough to capture this strange incident at the moment.

The ray of water beads was converted into something quite magical by the presence of daylight. This combination created a fascinating rainbow-hued heart.

This incredible phenomenon was witnessed while he was swimming among the whales close to Sri Lanka with a scuba jump visit.

However, he was way too excited to take this additional image while taking pictures of himself amidst the biggest creatures underwater.

Tanakit said: “The photos are a dream come true for me.”

“I’d longed to swim with blue whales all my life – it was such an unforgettable experience."

“The whales were swimming past quite quickly, we only saw each one for a few seconds before it swam off, so I was very lucky. “I’d go back again and again if I had the chance.”

The blue whales are marine vertebrates that occupy a space with the baleen whale parvorder, Mysticeti. They are about 29.9 meters in length and they weigh around 173 tonnes. Blue whales are the largest known creatures that have ever existed. The blue whales appear in different blue shades. They are long and thin but the shade is somewhat lighter underneath.

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Source of the information: White Wolf Pack

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