22 iPhone Wallpapers For The iPhone Users Who Are In Love With Water

For me, there's nothing more charming than the dancing water ripples! What about you? If you too are an iPhone user who is in love with water, here is a special gift for you!

1. The smooth motions captured from above.

Captured at Two People's Bay, WA.

2. The alluring bright blue moment.

Photographed at Squeaky Beach, Vic.

3. The reflection of the rock pool.

Snapped at Injidup Natural Spa, WA.

4. Here's where the trees meet the beach.

Captured at Waterloo Beach, Vic.

5. The empty shoreline. 

Photographed at Lucky Bay, WA.

6. Ocean lies in between the rocks.

Photographed at Gantheaume Point, WA.

7. Not a single water particle moves. 

Captured at Greenfield Beach, NSW.

8. Otherworldly oasis.

Captured at Wilson's Promontory, Vic.

9. These extraordinary clicks of coral groups from the sky.

Photographed at Whitsunday Islands, Qld.

10. This stingray seems to want friends ashore.

Snapped at Hamelin Bay, WA.

11. The perfect blend of crystal clear water and smooth white sand.

Photographed at Hyams Beach, NSW.

12. Lake of pink on an isolated island.

Captured at Lake Hillier, WA.

13. These rocky steps down to a bright blue pool.

Captured at Cardwell Spa Pool, Qld.

14. A unique ocean bath.

Captured at Edithburgh, SA.

15. This stairway leads to my version of heaven. 

Photographed at Eleven Mile Beach, WA.

16. Inviting steps! 

Snapped at Moonta Bay, SA.

17. Blue and white move as one. 

Captured at Cape Le Grand, WA.

18. A boat alone amidst the pink skies. 

Snapped at Strahan, Tas.

19. Sunrise from the peaks.

Photographed at Whiskey Bay, Vic.

20. Washed-up corals have replaced the sand. 

Snapped at Fitzroy Island, Qld.

21. This scenic ocean view.

Photographed at Bondi Beach, NSW.

22. Incomparable match of white sand and red rock. 

Captured at Twilight Beach, WA.

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