21 Pictures Of Attractive Birds Called Strawberry Finches

The variation of birds based on the sizes, colors, and other features never cease to surprise us. Some birds have unique plumage similar to berries or fruits and one such group is the bird group of Strawberry Finches. They are similar to the Sparrows in size and belong to the family of Estrildidae. These birds are easily noticeable due to their scarlet body shape.

The strawberry finches are also known as red munia or avadavat. Most of them are found across the tropical Asian region. Studies reveal their preference to live in open areas like jungle clearings, gardens, grasslands, and meadows. Unfortunately, they are prone to lose the plumage intensity since they thrive in tropical temperatures. These birds are about 10.16 centimeters in length (3 to 4 inches).

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The male and female birds have a variation in their appearance too. The notable difference is the presence of a deep red crown on the back paired with white streaks under the eyes, and the sides of the head and breast of the male birds. The wings, tails as well as feathers have white spots in them. The colors of the beaks are also different. 

The male birds with a bright red plumage play the main role to attract the birds of the opposite gender. Apart from that, the males have their unique style of mating dance in which they carry a feather or a grass stem in their mouths. However, these amazing birds can be seen as huge flocks even though they get separated from the group after a successful nesting.

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