Brightly Painted Bunties Perfectly Match Their Name With Their Amazing Plumage

Skin texture of animals is extremely beautiful and not the same. The skin texture of feathers of the birds is prettier and colourful and makes us think that they are native to the tropical regions. 

Although the pictures in online sites amaze and overwhelm us, we could also find and observe such animals even in our gardens if we look closely and sharply. Magic is right in front of you!

South America and Mexico are the main homes for this tiny bird species. These birds are interested in spending time foraging for seed in the dense and low bushes. They go closer to the Gulf Coast during their migration season to Mexico in winter.

This image shows a painted bunting.

Instagram | @blazeysbest

They could hardly be seen though they are common and brightly coloured. 

Instagram | @texas_pixels

You will surely meet them in your yard if you live in their area. 

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They can be easily found in Louisiana, Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas during their breeding season.

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Source of the information: All About Birds

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