The Bearded Reedling Is The Roundest And The Sweetest Bird That You Will Ever Meet

Sometimes, there's a little confusion when categorizing the animals in relation to their ages and the changes that take place in their bodies while growing old.

For example, just think of a bearded reedling that will make us confused when it starts developing. So, at which age does the orb-like appearance of a bird merit a change in its name?

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They sometimes go by the name Bushtits eventhough they aren't related to the tit bird family. They have received this particular name due to the similarity in their appearance.

Black patches can be seen on the faces of the males except in the chins. As you know, this is quite similar to a mustache not a beard of course. The females are equally round and they can be seen in pale orange colour.

Instagram | @olssonstenman_photography

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Most of them are observed near wetlands among the reeds. Migration is not seen in them. If you wish to see their orb-like appearance, you will have to meet them during the winter. It's the season in which they puff up their faces to receive extra warmth.

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Instagram | @wallmika

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