The Crimson-Backed Tanager Is A Striking Red Bird With A Shining Silver Beak

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Whenever we judge that we've seen the prettiest things in the world, there's always some other kind of a thing that is prettier than the previous one. It is the same with birds. Finding a favourite bird is an impossible task while searching for the existence of new families of birds. 

The newest attractive bird type is the tanager family. Each bird in this family has its own identical beauty. But the one that we saw recently is rather unusual and more beautiful. It is the crimson-backed tanager, Ramphocelus dimidiatus which is a red bird which knows how to accessorize. It has a shining white look in most still photos. Its base of the beak is wide too. 

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These tanagers are native to South and Central America most commonly to Panama, Colombia and Venezuela. A small community of these birds are seen on the islands of French Polynesia. They prefer living in flocks in lowland forests. The eggs of these birds are blue in colour and there are black dots on them. The amount of eggs laid per season is not yet estimated. But, still they haven't faced any threat of extinction.

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Creations of nature are really incredible. Aren't they? But, unfortunately most of the inhuman people do not realize the value of these creations. What are your ideas on these amazing creations of nature? Comment and join the conversation. And also never forget to share the article with your loved ones. Have a nice day! 

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