The Best Examples Of How Nature Always Keeps On Giving And Surprising Us

As we have repeated many times, nature is truly an amazing thing that surprises us each day. Nature gives us the chance to see things in a rather different way. It breaks all stereotypes. The diversity of nature, including animals, plants and the colours and shapes of them are magical most of the time. It never ceases to surprise us. Have you ever imagined a half orange lobster or an all-black zebra?

Here is the chance for you to check out the examples that give you another vision on the playfulness of nature.

Is this the Bunny version of Dumbo in Disneyland? 

© SittingInTheDark / reddit

Who loves to pet this adorable American Bashkir horse?

© GentlemanSquid / reddit

Mathematicians will surely be impressed with the symmetry on this newborn kitty’s face.

A kitty dreaming to run like a leopard one day.

© OnyxiasLair / reddit

This senior sage-grouse has the look of a queen!

© Bob Wick, BLM /

The chrysalis that has a similar look to a Christmas ornament.

“We love you too, buddy!”

©inhalegram / imgur

This attractive pinkish katydid was painted with the brightest nature palette.

Is this cat made up of marble? 

© unknown / imgur

Isn't this albino humpback whale a cause of surprise for you?

© Migaloothe White Whale / facebook

A “split” lobster! A rare creature to find. It only occurs one in every 100 million lobsters.

© NewEngland Aquarium / facebook

Aren't you mesmerized when you look at this white peacock? 

When you're left out with a hub of dresses and can't decide what to wear on your date: 

Zophie, the prestigious horse that looks like an oil painting.


“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

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